Ultra-Fast Charging of Electric Vehicles (UFCEV)

Scope of project

Electric vehicles can play a significant role for individual mobility under specific mission conditions for the benefit of specific user groups. Even though substantial progress can be expected in the area of embarked energy storage technologies, existing vehicles already feature ranges suitable to fulfill well-defined missions, thereby contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and other pollutions. One of the main problems with electro-mobility is the need to provide ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles (UFCEV). This project aims to examine both direct connectivity to the distribution grid as well as new storage technologies as a means of enabling ultra-fast charging. In addition, load leveling methodologies should be studied, including load shifting from day to night. To demonstrate how the developed solutions may be implemented, a transportable charging station for an average-size vehicle will be developed on a small scale, including the interface to a household electricity supply.