Online Process Diagnostics for Operation Performance of a Biomass Gasification Process (SYNGAS DIAGNOSIS)

Scope of project

The technological objective of this project is the development of a diagnostic system that allows the monitoring of different process units within biomass gasification related plants, i.e. plants which produce and/or use producer gas from biomass gasification for synthesis of fuels or for electricity production. Examples for such gases are the “B IGFC Process Development Unit (B-PDU)” or the “light house project: new CHP plant” at EMPA/EAWAG in Dübendorf, CH.

Monitoring the performance of process units in biomass gasification related plants, e.g. by measuring the composition of gas streams, allows further optimization of the process units and development of the technology. In addition, it allows the validation of models of certain catalytic unit operations and of the whole process chain.

The diagnostic system corresponds to a specific combination of sampling system and analytical equipments. While a major part of the know-how and most of the samplings systems and analytical devices necessary are already present at PSI, further method development and purchase of analytical devices is needed to realize the diagnostic system according to the requirements of these projects.


Dr. Serge Biollaz, PSI
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