Self-Regenerating Anodes (SERAN)

Scope of project

The multidisciplinary project SERAN focuses on the development and demonstration of the next generation smart catalyst for the anode compartment of fuel cell systems and will overcome the drawbacks of currently used conventional catalysts. Nickel cermet is the state-of-the-art catalyst material in SOFCs, but lacks of microstructural stability against high temperature, humidity, varying oxygen partial pressures and sulphur as a catalyst poison, which is present in the used natural gas or renewable biogas and syngas fuels.

To overcome these major degradation issues of the catalyst for SOFC anode applications, new material-based strategies are applied here. A sulphur resistant ceramic type material with an innovative and “smart” self-regenerative effect is addressed by this research & development activity. Microstructural & catalytic degradation caused by harsh temperatures and transient dynamic operating conditions will be limited, and in the best case activity and performance can be recovered by the material functionality to regenerate itself by an externally triggered chemical stimulus.


Dr. Davide Ferri
Paul Scherrer Institut, Catalysis for Energy
Phone: +41 56 310 27 81

Dr. Andre Heel
ZHAW, School of Engineering
Phone: +41 58 934 47 03