Stable and Clean, High-Efficiency Diesel and Dual-Fuel combustion (SCHE-Dual)

Scope of project

The project is aiming at the further development of both diesel and dual-fuel engines towards higher efficiency and lower emissions. This requires a better understanding of the fundamental in-cylinder phenomena at the more challenging future conditions during fuel injection and combustion. In order to achieve this goal, this project builds upon, extends and further strengthens the well-established framework among the Combustion Research Laboratory at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI-CRL) and the Laboratory of Aerothermochemistry and Combustion Systems at ETH Zurich (ETHZ-LAV), who have acquired a lot of expertise on spray, ignition and combustion behavior both for smaller (passenger car) and larger (heavy-duty, marine) engine confi gurations. The activities within SCHEdual will therefore allow fi lling the gap between those extremes and to further extend the range of application and thus enhance the competences of the participating institutions.


Dr. Kai Herrmann
The Combustion Research Laboratory, Paul Scherrer Institute
Tel: +41 56 310 28 71