RENewable enERgies in future enerGy supply (RENERG2)

The RENERG2 project is based on the new Swiss energy strategy with a strong development in renewable electricity production, whereby not the energy production is in the focus but the chemical storage of fl uctuating renewable excess electricity and its use. Due to the temporal and spatial decoupling in production and use of renewable electricity, a significant part of the new renewable electricity production in summer ends up in excess electricity without storage. Simulations show, that the existing electricity storage capacity in Switzerland is too small for storing the whole excess electricity at an enhanced photovoltaics (PV) market development already in 2023, if no new storage systems are realized. Stored renewable energy has significantly higher costs due to unavoidable losses and storage facility costs than renewable energy itself and therefore has to fi ght against a limited concern in the electricity market. However, mobility with a high statutory pressure on CO¬ reduction and taxed fossil fuels is expected to be a more suited market for stored renewable energy. Within the RENERG2 project, decentralized chemical storage of renewable excess electricity with transfer and use in the mobility sector is the focus, without neglecting other storage technologies as batteries, compressed air, etc.


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