Sustainable Hydrogen Technologies (HyTech)

Scope of project

To maximize the efficacy of our efforts, both the disciplines of solar hydrogen production and hydrogen storage will be engaged by employing the top experts in each field from Switzerland, and by pursuing pioneering approaches. For large scale solar hydrogen production, one research team directs focus to hydrogen production using thermo-chemical cycles powered by concentrated solar power.

The safe, energy efficient, and high density storage of hydrogen will be progressed by another research team. Here, HyTech members will advance encouraging complex metal hydride storage materials by developing understanding the thermodynamics of these materials while seeking for formulations which are liquid at room temperature — a major goal for storage materials. In addition to advancing on the scientific front, we will rigorously asses our technologies and compare them to other possible routes for the production and storage of hydrogen at different scales, in order to define the future targets of funding agencies and, more importantly, direct the industrial development of sustainable hydrogen technologies.


Prof. Dr. Paul J. Dyson, EPFL
Telephone: +41 21 693 98 54