Flexible Facility for the Investigation of Gas, Diesel and Dual-Fuel-combustion (Flex-FI-Dual)

Scope of project

The Flex-FI-Dual Project aims at the realisation of a new experimental facility that is optimally suited for (but not limited to) investigations into dual-fuel engine processes, the Flexible Rapid Compres-sion Machine (FRCM). Based on existing rapid compression (and expansion) machine types the key com-ponent of this new device is a freely controllable and programmable piston drive system. By combining the ability to prescribe piston movement with excellent optical access it represents an ideal facility for investiga-tions at both conditions suitable for fundamental investigations with no flow field and low turbulence levels, and investigations at engine relevant conditions with strong flow fields and high turbulence levels.


Dr. Bruno Schneider
ETH Zürich, Institut f. Energietechnik
Phone: +41 44 632 21 95