Customized Hybrid Powertrains (Cohyb)

Scope of project

Hybrid-electric vehicles (HEV) will play an important role in the mobility of the next twenty years. They combine the excellent efficiency of electrical power-trains with the advantages of liquid or gaseous fuel combustion engines, i.e. easy and fast refueling, excellent travelling range. For historical reasons the components which build a hybrid powertrain are chosen with a focus on availability and not with a previous optimization. This results in suboptimal configurations which cannot exploit the possible potential. The situation with the control strategy is quite similar: Since quite some time operating strategies for hybrid systems are investigated, nevertheless mostly heuristic strategies are in use up to now. Additionally, very few investigations have been done on what hybrid system is the best for a specific driving cycle, including topographic profile and availability of electric power for recharging the battery at certain points of the trip.


Prof. Dr. Lino Guzzella, ETHZ
Telephone: +41 44 632 5648