Catalysis in Porous media for automotive Applications (CatPor)

Scope of project

Ceramic foams, as developed by the Empa I.C. Engines laboratory, have excellent properties as catalyst substrates for automotive applications. Extensive studies, also under the support of CCEM, (the completed NEADS and the ongoing NADiP project) have shown that ceramic foam based catalysts can achieve similar pollutant conversion efficiencies but with roughly a third of the precious metal amount and a half of the external dimensions, compared to the state of the art conventional honeycomb catalysts.

The research and development is structured along three major axes: (i) flow, heat and mass transfer modeling, (ii) modeling of complex geometries, and (iii) advanced chemical reaction modeling. The work process will start with simplifying assumptions and will gradually increase in complexity in all the mentioned aspects, approaching realistic industrial conditions. The results may lead to catalysts with extremely efficient deployment of the precious metals and will be implemented in several applications of automotive catalysts, including the SCR catalysts under current development in the NADiP project.


Dr. Panagiotis Dimopoulos Eggenschwiler, Empa
Telephone: +41 58 765 43 37