Development of attrition resistant fluidised-bed methanation catalysts (ARRMATplus)

Scope of project

Project «ARRMATplus» deals with manufacturing of attrition resistant catalysts with desired properties for the application in fl uidized-bed methanation and with the experimental testing of these materials to identify optimal operation conditions. Very promising support materials with excellent attrition resistance and temperature stability have been developed in the completed CCEM project «ARRMAT» for high temperature applications (700 °C and 900 °C). A first aim of CCEM project «ARRMATplus» is to further investigate these diatomite and boehmite based porous granulate materials as support for methanation catalysts to be applied within the production of synthetic natural gas (SNG) at temperatures around 300 °C to 400 °C. A second aim of the project is to consolidate testing procedure for testing mechanical and chemical performance of attrition resistant reactive bed materials and identify suitable performance indicators. These tests are very important to support material development and keep the effort in testing new materials at a reasonable level. For this research activity, natural reference materials such as dolomite or olivine are considered, which cover a wide range of possible applications of attrition resistant reactive bed materials. Finally the methodical knowledge can be applied to a number of cases, where attrition resistant reactive bed materials are relevant. This is true for natural and synthetic materials, where either catalysis or sorption reactions are of importance. The case of nickel impregnated methanation catalyst is one of the most challenging cases due to the fact that high activity is needed at low temperatures.


Dr. Serge Biollaz, PSI
Telephone: +41 56 310 2923